Vanilla Latte | Heather and Thane

Considering caffeine usually made her super hyper and sometimes even made her heart race, Heather stopped by the local coffee shop in the afternoon to get a large latte.  Normally, Heather could get through the day by her energetic self, but she had been working on a paper for one of her classes which had kept her up late the night before, and she knew she would have to have some coffee to be able to make it through the rest of the day.  While waiting in line, mentally going over her to-do list for the day, she noticed a man in line ahead of her whom she had never seen before.

He definitely looked older than her, and looked hardened, like maybe he had had a rough life.  Before she realized it, Heather was already imagining a complete back story for this person and in doing so had neglected to move forward in the line.  She stepped forward and ordered her drink, still observing the man out of the corner of her eye.  He was attractive, which meant that Heather had absolutely no chance of being able to approach him at any point.  As she waited next to him for her drink to be served to her, she kept her gaze downward, nervously tugging on her sleeves, hoping he wouldn’t notice her.

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    Heather counted herself lucky that Thane didn’t mind wearing her dad’s shirt, because she wasn’t sure how they would...
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    At least he made her smile before she scurried away. While she was rummaging around, he could faintly hear the sounds of...